Step-by-step song tutorials needed.


I am so impressed with my Beatbuddy. I can see that it is very easy to use.

But I have no sense of rhythm, and know nothing of how to play drums. I am a step-by-step learner. I just want to know how to apply drum tracks to songs I can already play, or just learn how to play any simple song with my guitar with the Beatbuddy.

I am hoping some kind person will start posting beginner step by step videos for specific songs on YouTube. In the meantime, I would be so happy if someone would be willing to offer Skyke lessons or lessons in the Los Angeles area.

Thank you. Max

I agree!!! Great idea!! And I think many Beat Buddy owners will agree with this idea!

Thanks for posting it!

Great idea!

To start, you can see what people have been saying about what songs go with which beats: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=83

Yes, I have been enjoying seeing how people use the existing beats! Thanks!!

But “using” the beats is the music/creative side of my brain. I like the “step by step” idea becasue it addresses the more “technical capability” side of things. I am hoping that this sort of instruction will help me create a “song creation workflow” so I can get into creative runs without the interruption of figuring out a particular technical step, etc… (My “day job” is software engineer… but when I step into the studio, I want to leave that hat on the (outside of the) door. :smiley: :smiley:

Same here, man :slight_smile:
Actually, at first I was eager to make some new cool drum preset songs, but then I found out, that using the ones that were recorded by an actual human drummer instead of my own artificial ones is much better!

I just want to make my set list. I’m so frustrated at this point. I can’t even build a song let alone save it to the pedal. The software is so unintuitive I’d pull my hair out if I had any. I’ve started a new song with the pedal plugged in and can’t add a sound. the button takes me to a midi file with no sounds in it. WTF? I can’t locate the beats to even add them.

The software definitely has a pretty steep learning curve. But I hope more user videos and further software versions will help fix this.

I am currently planning on making a vdeo which will hopefully make this easier. What are you trying to do?

  1. Is it just creating a setlist using the songs already in the Beatbuddy?
    2.Are you trying to add any files with a ‘/’ in the name eg 3/4?
  2. Are you trying to create a song from scratch; have you got the midi files for them?
  3. Or is it just the process that makes no sence?

Just to add the Beatbuddy triggers WAV files using the information within Midi files, you can add WAV files to be triggered by the accent hit on an external footswitch but they have a limit of under 3.7Mb

I Like to think of myself as pretty handy when it comes to figuring thing out on a computer but this whole process has been a struggle. I can make folders and edit BB songs But I’d really like to add my own MIDI files. I was under the impression that one could use .wav loops but thats obviously not the case. How would one go about doing a beat for U2 with or without you? it has a slow progression to a climax and then back again. How would one do something like that with the beat buddy?

It’s pretty cool to know you feel yourself confident with problem solving! I feel Guitar Pro is the way to go for you, then!
The answer is provided here for you -

I am also very very confused on the software first off. Since i use mac its not actually an installation its just a icon to click on to go to it, you have to use a already created folder from the site to set a project up and see all the drums off the BB, there are so many options under the menus at top of the software that sound like they would do the exact same. So main problem is whe ni’m searching for drums or files to import to create a song it takes me to one folder that has the drums, sources, and so on in there but all folders are empty, then i search thru to try and find the ones that have the files in them and finally find another one but that one also doesn’t have them in there, and finally keep messing around till i find a few things. Where do i save the files to for easy access? where are they suppose to be period? where can i copy them to to have them show up when i want to try and build a song and piece together so it will take me to the folders i need. I have tried it on work windows machine, but somewhat have the same issue but its just more out of wack on macbook pro… please please help, i don’t want to return it, but if i can’t even get the software figured out then even though the beats already on there aren’t really working with what i sing. I really want to keep it. So please help me…

Without any trolling I must say, that I am also pretty confused with the software. There really is a lot of room for user interface improvements.

I completely agree with your every word about too many menu items that all do similar shit - open project, import project from pedal, etc etc. This must have been done easier…

BBManager project is logically structured completely different from how it is physically located on the drive - and that’s my own main concern about it.

First and foremost - you shouldn’t ever look into the BBWorkspace folder. Treat it like that - it is not for you, it is exclusively for BBManager to use. No way in hell you can ever change something there (unless fully prepared) for BBManager to alter its content accordingly. Just completely forget about that folder. It will be easier this way.
Store your own files elsewhere - totally where you want them to be, but not inside BBWorkspace folder.

Second - use BBManager to build a full song from your MIDI patterns (that are stored wherever you wish outside from BBWorkspace). Use Import - Export > Export Project to Pedal to load your modified content (with added/removed songs) to the pedal

Third - get acquainted with the concept of the “content” - they are the four folders DRUMSETS, EFFECTS, SONGS and PARAMS. They are located somewhere inside BBWorkspace, and you can manually copy them to the root of the SD card if you are having issues with Exporting Project to Pedal.

So just so i’m on same page, because i am so confused

I need to leave the bbmanager folder alone?

Now if i create a new folder say on hard drive or somewhere, i understand that if i create something to put it in there, but what about the beats that are on the bb, do those stay in the bb manager folder?

so which folder do i actually work out of ?

and i don’t know how to do midi so i probably won’t be creating any, but if i download some do i put them in the folder i created, or in the bb manager folder?

and how to i keep everything together to keep linked to the pedal if they are in different folders?

You don’t need to worry about any of that…the Beatbuddy manager imports your sources and puts them into it’s own propriety BBS format. The Beats stay with the project and the manager software looks after that itself and that is all done within the BBWorkspace

It currently sounds like this is conjecture and theory and that you have not tried any of this. It is actually very simple once you know how it works which is why I made the tutorial videos as explaining this using text is more difficult than seeing it in action.

Touche! :wink: