"Steppin Out" by Joe Jackson

This is sort of an obscure song from 1983, but one which everyone seems to know. If anyone wants the beat, I have added the song file and drum kit file to the following Dropbox folder:


Please note, you will need to use the custom drum kit in order for the song to work properly. If you want to hear what it sounds like in action, here is my duo performing it live with BeatBuddy:

It’s just a single-tap song. I did not program bass into the beat, because I’m a bass player.

NOTE: for anyone who wants to download this, the samples are optimized for 160 BPM. If you adjust the tempo above or below 160 BPM, the glockenspiel melody may go out of sync with the song. Sorry, lazy sampling & programming on my part.

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Joe Jackson. So under rated

For sure. This is one of those songs that you appreciate more when you hear it live.

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Smokin hot dude - ¿What made those chimes - guitar pedal ? Sizzling basslines :slight_smile:

EZ :
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Nice work

I love this! I saw Joe Jackson play this at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland in 1983 when he was on his Jumpin Jazz tour. That place has permanent seating and I just happened to see he was playing in an hour so I drove over just to see if I could snag a ticket and I got a general admission ticket in the second row from the stage, right on the aisle. It was an amazing show, kinda sucked that I was by myself but it was still great. All the songs from the Jumpin Jazz album are killer!

You did a really great job on the drum line, it sounds perfect! I’d love to stick in the bass line so I can play it as a solo act. Nice work here!!!

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