Stereo Amping Of BB?

Is anyone using a stereo PA setup for their BB?

I will be. I ordered today and it should be here Tuesday. I play keyboard and have used stereo rig for 30 years. I use mono if I use house PA at some venues, which is cool too.

We use a set of Yamaha PAs in a stereo config here in the office when testing or recording footage for the BeatBuddy.

I also use a subwoofer along with the stereo tops the vast majority of the time for gigs. Probably doesn’t sound like it, but I’m trying to make my rig as compact as possible and still get the sound I want. The beatbuddy is going to be huge for that. I’m planning that my rig will be one six space rack, keyboard, beatbuddy, keyboard, mic and speaker stands, stereo tops and one sub.