Stereo or mono for drum monitor

I’m using the BB live with a Simmons DA 200 powered drum monitor. Is there any reason to run it stereo? We put it behind us where a real drummer would be. It’s a heavy powered drum monitor BTW.

Nice piece of kit.

You need to use both the left and right outputs from the BeatBuddy into your DA 200S because some of the drum sets (Phil Flood’s) play bass thru one channel and drums through the other. Or, you could use the headphones output from the pedal to your amp.

Thanks Persist. Do you think singularsound is going to update anything on the Beatbuddy in the future? Software, firmware anything?

I thought they were working to fix some of the bugs in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as an interim placeholder until they could produce an entirely new version of the BBM software with added features. Have no idea how close they are to having either ready for release. They had a pre-release beta of the firmware but other than that, not much else to report.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks again Persist.

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