still getting "no song".. on new BB..

Hey, New BB owner here. I’m sure it’s as great as you all say but i can’t get past the “no song” display.

Firmware is current, I’ve reset the device, downloaded original content onto clean SD Card, unzipped into 6 folders, etc… and still have the same problem.

Do I have a dud device? If someone from Tech Support can reach out that would be great.

I am sure you have done the following but it appears you have not emailed as it requests in the post below.

I did, actually. but I’m happy to email them again. Cheers!

update: so I decided to take the unit back to the store and swapped it for a new one. … which works fine.

The interesting thing is the SD card from the new BB didn’t work in the one I exchanged. Conversely, the SD Card from the one i exchanged DID work in the new BB…

So all signs point to a faulty unit. Sometimes you just need a new buddy!

@2Humbuckers, I am 99% sure the problem was with the faulty SD card.
I am glad to hear you have solved your issue, though!

I am having same problem. I got me a new pedal and the old SD gives NO SONG, at pedal. Software is current and hardware now 2 yrs younger. What changed? Shall try to synchronize from BBManager. Fingers crossed (the songs are all edited, unique)

If you have songs on the old SD card that you want to preserve, you do not want to synchronize just yet.
[]Put the old SD card in your computer SD slot reader making sure that the card is not locked
]From the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card and see if it recognizes the project and opens it
[*]If it does, Save Project As (suggest you give it a name different than the project name on your SD card) to your computer bbworkspace
If the BBM does not recognize that there’s a project to open from your SD card, you might want to follow the steps from

Hi. Thanks, Presist for being here around. I did have the project saved on laptop so opened it in BBM and File-Export-Project’ed it to my removable (F://). (Synchronization seemingly does not work the first time to overwrite the default SD. which is reasonable feature)

Now I can sleep peacefully and later I’ll walk through the remains of generaldisasterrecovery. It sums nicely up the recovery, thanks.
Next I’ll config the peripherals, footswitch and re-open the SD in BBM to save all settings to laptop hard disk.
I m gonna organize the SD into two SDs. This is the “all-in” work-SD from which the gig sets are Exported and loaded to gig-SD. Any thoughts on this?

It really depends on how comfortable you are with your workflow. It also depends on what works best for you.

I would take a slightly different approach:
[]Do all of your work and save it on your computer
]Use your SDs as a primary and a backup—especially if you gig for money
[*]You can create work and set list folders in a project and do all your editing in a work folder until you’re satisfied with the song and then move it to your set list folder
There are many different other ways to set up your work flow and there is no shortage of experience and opinions that forum users will be more than happy to share.

Thanks. A set list folder?? I thought BBM as a two level structure. Gotta try to make subfolders, thanks!

I mean a set list is basicly a folder. With several of them you need a subfolder.

But now I move them to the top of the list so the rest doesn’t disturb when deep in business.