Still lookong for I'm On Fire

The one linked in an earlier thread is not correct. I just need the beats for the song, not OP, not with bass just the beats in the standard song format. Can anyone assist?


The Springsteen tune? I’m betting one of the stock train shuffles in Country or Blues with brushes will work for it.

yeah…you’re right they probably would! They won’t be exact but close enough…I’ll give them a try

Let us know what you end up using. It wouldn’t work in my current project, but I’d be interested in what you find.

Yep sure will Joel - I will try and get it set up as a standard BB song rather than a One Press.

Well tbh, none of those really work (ymmv)… The GrooveMonkey Good-Hearted beat (found in its Country Outlaw Beats) does work quite nicely!

Great – glad you found something!


Hi if you are still looking you might try the Blues folder in Beatbuddy.I use Blues beat 2a at about 175/178 bpm…close to the original as I could get…has that nice rim-shot as in the original…use the main beat only as the fills will be too fast at 175…hope that helps

I’m_On_Fire.sng (1.2 KB)

See if I uploaded this correctly. Years ago I asked the same question and one of the super advanced users on this site made this one for me. I think it’s a great representation.


Thx, this one works for me :slight_smile: