still lost

when you get a users song in thr bb software manager how do you get it on the bb pedel read the munual and tutorials but still lost

Assuming that you already have it saved and is listed in the songs column of the BB Manager, what I do is remove the SD Card from the Beat Buddy and put it in a reader & plug it into the PC. Pull up Drive C then click on the Drive where the SD Card is. Open the songs file and “Move” the contents into the PC in a safe file for backup. Open the songs file in the Beat Buddy Project file where you should find the songs file which will contain your new song. Copy this whole file (Songs) back into the SD Card and then put the SD card back into the Beat Buddy and everything will be there plus your new song. I have not found a better way to do this yet and this seems like a long way around but it works for me. Hopefully, someone
out there has a better way. The nice thing about this is you create a backup file on what you had on the card originally too. Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker