Still Trying for the best set up

A little while back I asked for some help on setting up our Aeros and BB with a Boss Katana 100 and Brennan from Singular Sound was very helpful but at the time we did not have our equipment complete as we now have added a Berhringer Q802USB mixer into the set along now with another Peavey KB-3 amp.
I believe we are now were we want to be as in equipment to use with out Aeros looper.
For the last week or so we have been trying to get this equipment to work but seems as we are not well trained in this area as beginners. We are not close to a big city to find a place to ask questions and my school is not well versed on my questions so I am back to ask if anyone can set us on the correct path for setting up our equipment we now have. We want to use the two nice Peavey KB-3 for our playback for left and right for the Areos/BB and the Boss Amp separate. The KB-3s seem to sound pretty good when working.
If someone can take a look at our drawing of what we our using and with some information on how to correctly cable all of this. We have tried but we seem to always miss something to were it kind of works but not well. We read that the mixer would be a key component. Sorry for the questions as we are just starting out on all this cannot afford to hire someone to help. Sorry the drawing in not the best.
Thank you
My Set up


Probably I would start simple, get that working then build up.

Step 1,
Switch to BB. BB to mixer. Should get you the drums.

Step 2
Guitar to pedal board. Pedal board to Aeros main in ( mono). Aeros main out to Boss Amp clean channel since you have already a pedal board. Should get you guitar loops.

If you need louder guitar, take a line out from amp to mixer.

Step 3
If you wish to sync Aeros and BB so they are in time and loops line up, use BB midi break out cable and two std midi cables to connect midi out BB to midi in Aeros. And Midi out Aero to Midi BB. There’s some BB pedal settings to tweak so look at midi settings and vids.

Step 4
Have fun, if problem or frustration happens - it can be solved here or by great YouTube videos.

Hello Mr. Williams, thank you for your help. We have put all the cables from the midi together for the BB and Aeros and got it to sync very well. Yes we did look in the BB settings and got that set to what we think is correct. We can play the looper now but when played back into the amp and when we change on the amp from clean to brown setting it changes the sound on the play back on the Aeros. We have been working on fixing that problem but mainly we are working on trying to get the mixer setup with the two speakers amps we have so we can use them as a PA. We are both working part time after school so we cannot spend a lot of time right now so any help is good. We want my friends bass and my guitar to play at the same time in the looper until we can afford better equipment. Maybe a drawing would be best so we can look at it while we test the connections. Thank you again.

Hi, sounds like you are making lots of progress.

If you change a setting on the guitar amp that will change the loop sound. As looper is going into guitar amp.

The amp is simply acting like a speaker, changing vol or bass or treble will affect the loop. Since you have already guitar pedals I think you could use them (say to add drive or distortion) and maybe not change guitar amp sound?

I personally use Guitar → Effects Pedal → looper → speaker or PA. The looper can loop the guitar and then I can add effects without the looped sound changing.

There are other set ups I’m sure, and it also depends what you’re aiming for - I’d go back to basics and get them all working in the simplest format, then try experimenting.

KR Carl.

Another option is to run the looper thru the amps fx loop send and return

My friends dad said something like that, so is it pedals (with the Aeros?) to the back of the amp then ? I can look on the internet maybe for that.
Thank you