Stomp Box

I have been using a stomp box on several numbers to get a steady low pitch beat. I now have a beat buddy and was wanting to know the easiest way to recreate this effect on my BB. It would save having to carry around yet another piece of gear.


  • Open BBManager and create new song;
  • Insert any blank MIDI File (4 beat) in “Main Drum Loop” Section;
  • Add Kick or StompBox wave file in the “Accent Hit” section;
  • Save this song in BB pedal.

Before you start to sing, press the start BB pedal, to enable the “Accent Function” in the footswitch and have fun. :wink:

sounds great, just one thing, The blank midi file and kick or stompbox files, are they available in the BB file manager? please excuse my ignorance but I am very new to this.

Try this for create a Blank MIDI File.
For the kick sound You must record to yourself or can try to search in THIS LINK :wink:

I was forgetting: when you finish singing, remember to stop the “BB mute song” with 2 tap on the main pedal.
So you can re-enable the “Tap tempo” and “Song select” function of footswitch.

All the BeatBuddy samples are here:

Great idea hadn’t thought of using an accent hit, but if you set the accent hit to trigger when the BB is stopped then as long as it is set up in the songs it will always be available even if no song is playing.

YES!!! But our friend is newbie, so I chose this method to avoid him to change the footswitch settings :wink:

MANY THANKS Bill!!! I missed that tread. :slight_smile:

Fair enough :cool:

Well well well, it was a lot easier than I anticipated. I downloaded beatbuilder short cut. selected the kickdrum at the bottom of the list. created 4 beats in the first bar then saved as “stomp” in my documents folder on my pc. Then opened a new song in BB manager replaced the lead track with the new saved midifile and deleted all other tracks in that song. I can then adjust the tempo for each song and store in BB under song title. When I go to play the song just tap the pedal once and away we go. To stop I hit the pause button. I am playing the BB through a bose L1 system with B2 base and tonematch mixer. Just set the channel to D.J. playback and everything works fine. Thanks heaps for everyone’s input. Great forum.

Well done…it is easy when you know how :smiley:
This is what I would have suggested but the suggestion of using an ascent hit meant you weren’t locked into any tempo - just treat the external pedal as a stomp box.