Stop command locks up

When I use the BeatBuddy with a switch (FS6) one set to Stop, the other set to Pause, and if i press the fill where I need 3-4 fill (Main Pedal) quite quickly back, to back, back, the Stop command on my FS6 will not function. I have to unplug the Beatbuddy to reboot to get that function back. The pause switch, that still works fine. Not sure if this is normal, but I thought I would mention it here.

Had same problem dont know why the left stop switch stopped working I had set to scroll forward when stopped and that didnt work either ,right switch set to pause worked fine.This happened half way through gig so had to pause to end songs instead of using my outros could the button stopped working …arrrrgh and had to bend down to scroll manually to next song.I mean it works again now so I guess I should just pull out the power and plug back in if playing live ?Did you figure it out

I am not sure if there is anything to fix. It may be a possible glitch in the firmware, or it is just not allowed to process the command under those circumstances.