Stop/End Song Without Outro


I have a number of tunes where, when I’m using a drum machine (or, hopefully, the Beat Buddy), I need to stop the drum and then restart it again on beat 1. Trying to stop it with the Beat Buddy means having the Outro play, which is unusable in the middle of a song. While the pause pedal might in theory work, the reality is that unless you time the pause perfectly, when you come back in, you’ll be off beat. In fact, if you pause on beat 2 or beat 3, you can’t come back in on beat 1. Again, unworkable.

I haven’t found a switch to allow you the option of stopping or ending without the outro. That exists for intros (thanks!), but it would help a lot if it was available for outros.

Also, if the foot switch would let you stop by simply holding it down (rather than double tap), I personally would find it easier in the “heat of battle.”



Unpause leading to off beat was addressed here - Try toggling Mute Pause mode.

You can do what you want as follows:

  1. disable intros.
  2. when you need to stop press Pause.
  3. holding the main pedal when paused actually stops the song without outro.
  4. tapping the pedal will start the playing back from main part 1.

NOTE: point 3 will not work if you set the main pedal behavior to trigger on press. You should set it to trigger on release. There is also a setting in the pedal Main Menu. Please check it out as I don’t remember its exact location. You should see in the Main Pedal submenu.