Stop external sync when stopped


Recently I’ve added a Novaton SL mk3 to my setup (which also has a beatbuddy). I’m also using Ableton Live as a DAW.

In this configuration, I’ve succesfully set beatbuddy to act as a MIDI clock slave and master, depending on which device I start first. So:

  1. If I start BeatBuddy first, BB will be master clock and every other device, including Ableton and SL mk3 both start and act as slaves and are in sync. Everything works perfectly

  2. If I start SL mk3 first, BB will be slave, it syncs and follows the Novation controller. Perfect, also. But…

Problem is that after scenario 2 has been triggered, BB will keep acting as a slave even after it receives a STOP command… it will be slave even when it is stopped and syncs to Novation controller. No action on BB or Novation will stop BB to follow external MIDI sync once scenario 2 has been triggered.

I’d like BB to stop following external MIDI clock once it is stopped. This way, I can return to scenario 1 when needed. Right now, to return to scenario 1, I have to power off Beatbuddy (which is kinda hard) or Novation (easier, but it should be unnecessary)

So, I suggest two possible solutions (on the beatbuddy side):

  1. Either stop syncing to external MIDI clock once it receives a MIDI Stop command (similar to ‘Sync only While playing’ option in BB’s MIDI-Out settings)

  2. Interrupt external sync when receiving a certain CC.

If there are different solutions that works with current firmware, please do share them :grinning: