Stop on 1 song part,start on another

Hey folks! Some context.

I live loop (no prerecording) by first starting with a 1 measure beat on track 1 which locked.

Everything is synced to that.

So I have a song I’m doing where there are 6 parts

I would like to be able to be on Part 1, hit stop all immediately via midi (I already have this part implemented) and then I want to click start 2 via midi and have it immediately start on part 2,without having to cycle through part 1 again.

Is this possible via Midi? I’m using a morningstar mc8.

If it’s not possible via standard midi,is it possible with the midi companion that singular sound makes?

Not sure
but can work with a press and hold to stop the part 1
And with the release you can start the part 2 (need cc command start and change) on the release

Theoretically this should work. I have an MC6 but in my experience, it only works if Aeros is playing. In other words, in stopped mode, unless your cursor on the Aeros is positioned on the desired track this doesn’t work for me. Rather unfortunate! There are many times I will start pre -recorded parts but it only works if the cursor is on the desired track. And oddly, any switch in the MC6 will start the track. Also, I find a slight delay using the MC6 to start a track compared to using the start switch on the Aeros.

Yea I know I have two presets from when I was messing around with setting up the Aeros. One of them,the midi command triggered the selected part at the end of the part (which is what I normally use).

But I think I did also create one where it would switch over immediately but that was while it was playing…I never tried to stop on 1 part and then start another. I’ll have to check that out,although it’s still not exactly what I want.

I need it to trigger the selected part at the end of the current part when it’s running,but when stopped,I want to be able to queue up a different part without having to run through the one it was on.

Could maybe simulate this by muting everything except the rhythm and doin it that way. I’ll have to mess around with some stuff

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Check it out - maybe I’m nuts but if you have the same problem, maybe Singular Sound should be made aware of this issue.

I think this could potentially work if you send CC113 value 1-6 to select the track from stopped on the press and then on the release send Start CC:43 value 1

Check out what MIDI capabilities we have here

it only works if Aeros is playing. In other words, in stopped mode, unless your cursor on the Aeros is positioned on the desired track this doesn’t work for me

Yes it works when the Aeros is stopped
Take a look here : Change part when Aeros is stopping - YouTube

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I will have to revisit this. I don’t have a Midi Maestro rather a Morningstar MC6. Thanks. I would think it should work but so far nope.

CC113 Value 1 for part 1 (value 2 for part 2 etc…) as press for Beatbuddy
CC 113 Value 101 for part 1 (value 102 for part 2, 103 for part 3 etc… ) as release for Aeros
CC 113 Value 0 as release for Beatbuddy
CC 113 Value 0 as release for Aeros

This change the part of the Aeros and Beatbuddy aswel

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seems like this method works to get to a different part, but why is there a delay before the next part starts?

The sync with the Beatbuddy

sorry…missed that part. I am thinking of situation where I pause BB and aeros on one part, and want to start with another part on restart. Easly enough to do on a 2x2 using the aeros button, but way too tricky on 6x6 from the Aeros. Would be great if picking part on MM would make Aeros start from the new part.

Have you tried sending CC:113 value 1-6 on press to choose the part while stopped and then send CC:43 value 1 to start on release?

very psyched that now in 5.03, when song is stopped/paused, I can use MM to select any song part in 6x6 and song will start from new part!!!