Stop play relocation

I just received the midi maestro , to work with the BB and the AEROS , loved it , I see that I have the Custom Mode to modify , I intend to use with the H9 , so I was trying to change the sequence of the pedals on the BB Mode, I don’t think I can do it , can I?
here is my suggestion :
-to tap the play and stop button you have to take the entire foot off the ground , to jump over the first row of switches , wile playing the guitar , it would be better located on the Botton right , so you can just pivot your foot , without looking at it .
-on the page 2 , The previous part and the forward part could be stacked on the bottom middle , and the top middle ; so it would mimic the Scroll UP/ Scroll Dawn from the First page .

  • non the les the tap tempo is important on the bottom left , sense the play is now using the bottom right .

this is just I have been making my own pedals for a wile , and the importance of not looking when taping is important .

if make easier I would not mind it the 3 Botton switch changed place with the 3 top switches , placing the Play/Stop , Previous and Next on the Botton , then place the tap Tempo, Accent and Select Part on the top row , sense to deal with those you are already looking at the pedal .

appreciate , let me know what you guys think ?

Hi there, you can easily create a mode from template, when creating a new mode, the app will pop up asking if you want to create it from BeatBuddy Mode, Aeros Mode, or have it Blank.

This will allow you to rethink any part of the Default Modes as they are.

If you are currently using Android 1.3.9, this has a bug and does not work fully, but it is completely functional in iOS version 1.4.1.

We will not be changing their default modes any time in the foreseeable future.

Thank you for the feedback!