Stop start channels

I’m thinking of buying the aeros but can’t find the answer to this question anywhere.

I’m aware that in 2x2 you can stop both channels and start both channels.

Question: can you stop both channels and then start one channel?

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If you mean the “tracks” you can mute/unmute the track that you don’t want and start with the good one
-You can mute a track >Stop the looper>start with the good track>unmute the track later

  • You can start with both muted>unmute the one you want and the second later

To get the most out of Aeros regarding starting and stopping tracks you will probably want to use a midi controller. You can get a pretty good idea of what’s possible by looking at the manual starting on page 118. “Mute “ and “solo” is the terminology used but it can work like a start/stop.