Stop/start (or pause) without using a 2nd pedal?

I need to stop and restart in some songs so I was thinking I could create and employ a ‘silent’ transition (so a simple hold down would work). Seems the push button is already trying to do too much for us rhythmically challenged players like catching the transition timing just right and double tapping to end a song so …any ideas?
Full disclosure - I just got the beast and have been reading everything I can find - but need to get an SD reader since I use a MAC before I can get more hands on. The tutorial videos are great and, as a long time player, I’m excited by this tool with such flexibility and avid users.

If you have the external pedal, you can do a hard pause with it, which stops the song.

Maybe you can use a drum fill, put only not supported Midi notes in, and then there must be a silent messure when you hit the main pedal, but I never tried this… ( Maybe you have to use a silent wave file???)
When you`re in (Midi) synced mode with BB as master, you can decide if just mute drums(the beat continues dumb), or stop and restart the slaved devices too (then the drum loop will start at beginning immediately…), with the external pedal.
(If only Midi controll would be implemented… Single press for all!!!)

But I love my BB too!!!:wink:

Thanks Dennis. I can resort to buying the additional pedal of course but learning to bend the device to my will is more challenging. I need to learn about MIDI other than what it stands for…my role in the trio is pretty full (guitar , half of the lead singing, occasional flute & sax - as a classically trained woodwind player - bass and now more pedal pushing).

It’s like air traffic control on some songs like ‘Can’t You See’ where I duck in and out with my TC Helicon harmony box, bass, flute and artfully constructed drums. Hence my desire to simplify. But I don’t want to get songs so scripted we lose the energy of the moment while playing. One reason I am excited about BB as a performance tool.

While crafting a MIDI Transition or Fill for ‘silence’ seems it would work I did get the 2nd pedal and it makes sense…to a point. But a couple more buttons to push during performances (sigh). While I can pause/unpause on Switch #1 I can ‘Stop’ on Switch #2 after its paused. Good. Otherwise there is no ‘Stop’ only Outro Fill which, like Intros, is song dependent not global and too artsy so will not get used if it can be helped.

Also annoying (and I may be missing something as I learn) when I set Footswitch>Footswitch Functions I lose them when I remove the SD card to update my songs/sets via a reader on my Mac. These are global settings on the hardware!

I have the same experience. After removing and reinserting the SD Card, have to reset all the footswitch functions.

I have the same problem and I am using Windows Vista so it’s not the PC. It’s in the software in which case I am using the latest revision which is which has already been mentioned several times and I think that the support team is already looking into this problem. Hope it will be fixed soon. It’s not a big issue but it is a little troublesome to reset everything. Just thought I would mention it.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

That’s life.

…but life gets better with patience, practice and a decent design like this. Used it a few times live now and I’m sold. Fluent response (ability to hit fills/transitions in the flow of playing - oh yeah and forum help on setting pedal action so I don’t have to trigger then quick pause at the beginning of some songs, etc), no arcane language to learn, great sound over the PA, easy backup, etc.

The funky 9V power cut-out is there (its on my pedal board) but not while I’m playing so far. I also am good with the 2nd pedal: 1st switch is mostly pause, 2nd is stop/advance.

The few videos I’ve put together so far (pretty neat easy SW from China - Filmora video editor from Wondershare) don’t capture the full extent of what I do (some songs like the Shakedown Street version of Good Lovin I can comfortably let loose with fills/transitions and no worries):

I had the same problem, then I started disconnecting the foot switch from the pedal when removing and installing SD card and reconnecting the foot switch to the pedal and the setting are not changed. Don’t know why it works but it does and saves having to go back and reset the foot switch all the time.

This last bit has to be cut out and made into a sticky! Thank you Dedbbie. Most of us are now OK with the 2nd pedal - I’ve gotten pretty used to finding it mid-song repeatedly and don’t change functions so the buttons remain the same. Since we rehearse weekly and even small changes like a single tempo change requires updating cards I typically ‘remember’ to reset pedal functions at the next rehearsal (or gig). Now I’ll just make it a habit of disconnecting the pedal since it sits loose in the pedal board case anyway.

Hi !
I want to do the same:
pause/unpause on Switch #1 → Ok
‘Stop’ on Switch #2 after its paused " → I don’t have the option on the footswith setting…
thanks for your help

Now that I’ve been using the dual button foot switch for 2 years its 2nd nature. I can look down quickly while playing to make sure the switch is angled well enough so I can hit the #1 button to Pause (usually with my right foot but sometimes with my left). If I use it to end a song (sometimes I fade out with my stereo volume pedal or hit button #2 for an outro fill) then hitting button #2 (set ‘When not playing’ to Stop) it goes to "Stopped’ allowing me to hit it again to advance to the next song in the list.

Thank you for your answer.
But, my problem is, on the footswitch, I don’t have your option:
set ‘When not playing’ to Stop
When not playing I have only:
No action
Accent hit
Song advance
Song back
Tap tempo

Idem for the first and the second switch.


Check that pedal is using 2.0.4 f/w
Run Configure
For 2d switch: While Playing > Outro Fill