Stopping and restarting songs

Last night I was messing with some settings and realized one issue that made it tough for me to start songs on time was that the pedal was set to start on release. So I changed that. All cool there.

THEN…this weekend I had discovered that when I use my external foot switch to stop the song, I could push the pedal itself and hold and the song would return to stop mode so I could use the stop/start switch to move to the next song. It does appear though that, since I changed that start setting on the pedal, that system no longer works. Now, no matter what I do, if I stop the song with the foot switch, when I hold the pedal switch down, the pedal immediately restarts…with a fill (which screws everything up). So…is there a solution to this or is it just a “deal with it” thang that may be fixed in the next update?