Stopping bb

how does one copy the “null” from ?



is that doen in a midi editor or in the bb manager ?

Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to copy the Null; highlight the Null file by hovering over it and then press CMD-C (or CTRL-C if using Windows). Then find the Intro or Outro section in your song where you want it to go, hover over it and press CMD-V (or CTRL-V) to paste. Save your project. NOTE: you can also use the Nil or Nil at 32 files from one of my songs.

In a midi editor. I do not recommend the built-in midi editor, but you can try it. I use a DAW, Logic Pro X.

So will the song just stop at the end as well as w a double tap if null is in the outro ?

You will still have to double-tap to end the song. The double-tap should advance the playing to the Null file in the Outro (which is a short MIDI file with no audible MIDI notes).

However, if you have not adjusted the loop in the Main Drums Loop as Phil_Flood suggested, you might still have the issue of the song not ending quite when you expected.

I put 1 push songs in the intro section and null as the main loop, but first I add a count in using beatbuilder. this way the song plays all the way through and then moves to the main loop which is empty. easy peasy.

Hi thanks for your help I have this working now and its great.Also the “centerfield” OPB is fantastic ! New challenge. Can you find "running on faith by eric clapton the uplugged version and do it so its broken into sections intro,verse ,chorus ,lead type thing so that holding the pedal down advances it to the next part ? Even if just the lead worked that way so that I can improvise until I want to go onto the rest of the song and finish ? So it might be say verse 3 press and hold to lead then press and hold again to the endo of the song. I do it in the key of E so if you could do a good bass part that would be great to.

Depends on the quality of the source file for Running on Faith.

This is what i usually call a “Jam Version.” The “Intro” has everything before the jam. You start the song, and it plays. then the Jam is the “Main Loop 1.” This will play without any further action from you, and will loop as long as you like. This is normally a full verse. When you are through with your jam, you will double tap, and this will take you to the “Outro” section. That will be everything in the song after the jam. You do need to be careful with the timing of getting to the outro. For me, I find that having the “Cue Fill” setting set to “Next Measure” takes care of this. That way, as long as I double tap somewhere in the measure before I want to advance to the Outro, the song will advance on time. And, when I say “Double Tap” I am usually using the two button foot switch with one button set to outro so I really only tap once.

Phil_Flood has posted a version to the forum already. Might be easier for him to work it up for you: Running on Faith OPB and OPBk re-up - Eric Clapton - Journeyman

ok keep me posted


makes sense but it can be set to advance with a press and hold ya ? Then the double tap finishes the song ?



That is possible, but it introduces more room for error. To do that, you would have the ending section as main loop 2. The “Hold” function is the trigger for a transition. A transitions loops as long as you hold the pedal, and then on release advanced to the next part. But in the Jam Version format, there is no transition. The transition part of the song is left blank. You therefore have to release at the moment you want the post jam section to begin. And then at the end, you would need to add the blank space to the main loop to keep it from restarting. To me, it’s a much less elegant approach.

Ok that makes sense.On another note do you or most people make these sng files (OPB )for the bb from midi files they find online ?
If someone uses a traditional drum machine same thing they just find midi files for it ?

Most of the files on the Forum are from midi files found on-line. But, there quite a few that I made from scratch, like most of my Grateful Dead files. The other Phil (username Phil) made most, if not all of his from scratch, using sheet music sources. Persist makes his from existing midi files.

Traditional drum machines do not normally have sufficient memory to use a found midi file. They tend to use one or two measure loops and fills to create songs. Some let you specify how many loops of each you use, to make an “arrangement.” But, most do not have space to allow for storage of several hours worth of set lists.

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Phil “persist” is thinking you could set up the one you already have of “running on faith” from journeyman eric clapton and make it a “jam play”. I love that version and if you could convert the bass to the key of E that would be great. I am happy to pay.Let me know.


Hi Phil can you check the running on faith “jam play” you created for me ? I try going to the bridge after the verse 2 instrumental but I cant seem to time it right ? I love the concept though ? Could it be set up to move from the instrumental to the bridge with a press and hold instead of a double tap ?

Here are a couple options for you:

  1. Attached below, I made a revision to the song adding a drums only transition to get you from the instrumental to the bridge. That section will then play to the end. Where you have several measures of blank time to double tap and end the song.

  2. With the above, if you don’t like the drums transition, in BB Manager, just delete the transition by clicking in the X in its box. I think that might still cause your same problem, though.

  3. If you have an external pedal, you set set a footswitch to trigger the outro with just a tap. That is in the BB settings directly on the pedal. Refer to the User Manual.

Running_on_Faith_12-10.sng (8.0 KB)

This works good Phil Thanks