Stopping from paused state

Sorry if this info is elsewhere but I couldn’t find it in the manual or in a search of the forum. If my Beatbuddy is paused (By pressing two external footswitches together for a pause and cymbal accent to end a song). how do I proceed to then stop that song to move onto the next song. I have tried various combinations of presses on the main pedal and external but only seem to be able to unpause. Maybe I have a setting not correct somewhere.

Thanks, Michael

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Have you tried Settings>Main Pedal>Triple Tap Stop>Enable ?

Yeah. From a paused state the triple tap creates a brief sound/noise before stopping, but I have the outro engaged as well as sometimes I do use it on certain songs. On some I just want to end the song with the pause - cymbal accent tip BeatBuddy talks about, and then move to another song from there but it seems the triple tap is only really useable if Outro is disabled as well or you will get unwanted sounds.

Long press during pause .

Yes as long as hold stop is enabled. From Main pedal settings.
Main Pedal Unpause -
What happens when
the main pedal is pressed while the
BeatBuddy is paused
• Tap -
While paused and the main
pedal is tapped (pressed quickly).
• Intro
• Fill
• Hold -
While paused and the main
pedal is held down.
• Stop Song
• Start Transition

I am struggling with exact same issue. I’m sorry but none of the replies seemed to work. I’m beginning to think that it’s just not possible. If someone has solved this, please send explicit step by step instructions on how to set it up. I will be very grateful.

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I have my BeatBuddy setup as follows:
Main pedal controls start, fills (when running), transitions (when held down running)
Footswitch 1 controls Ending (when running)
Footswitch 2 controls Song advance (when stopped) Pause (when running)

If I have the song paused, I can go to stopped by just tapping footswitch 1 one time.
Your setup may be different, but it works for me. (I don’t use footswitch 2 for accents)

I have the same problem after upgrading to the V2.0 default.

With the new default V2.0 build the stop on pause no longer works. When I swap the old SD Card back it works fine. All the main pedal settings are the same.

Seems the stop (by holding main pedal down) while paused no longer works with default V2.0.

Given this I will need to stay with the older default stuff.

Is this a bug?