Stopping On One Beat, Starting On Another

Sometimes I need to stop/pause a beat, but then re-start with a different beat, and I haven’t found a way (so far) to execute that “cleanly”.
For example, there’s a song called “SOB” (Daniel Rateliff) that has a verse section with a simple backbeat that ends/pauses before the chorus begins, then the chorus has a beat variation different enough to not use the verse beat.
I’ve set up my BB to Pause with the foot switch, and it will restart on the downbeat, but I don’t know how to start it on the downbeat of a different pattern.
Anyone have any experience with this?

You could do this by creating the whole chorus as a fill but would require some midi editing. After pausing the the main beat you can restart the beat with a fill. If the fill is programmed as the chorus it will play the chorus then come back to the main beat at the end.

So I think I figured out how to do this…
If I program a transition with just a DOWNBEAT, I can use footswitch to PAUSE the beat before the next pattern begins.
When I UNPAUSE, it will start on the first beat of the next pattern (with the default pause settings).
Thanks everyone for looking, and Guitar Stu for your reply!