Stopping the BB and VL3 using a Switch 6 pedal

Hey fellow users,

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to stop the BB and Voicelive 3 simultaneously using a Switch 6 made by TC Helicon?
I have the BB and VL3 synced, and I love it! After I create loops in the VL3 and use the BB for beats, I want to be able to stop them both at the end of the song. It’s too difficult to stop them both using two feet while singing and playing the guitar or keyboard. lol…trust me it sounds bad too!

I use OnSong song, and I know that I can program a control change to stop both units, however there is absolutely NO precision when doing that. I’ve tried to place the data meta tag in a place to get them to stop when they should, but they either stop too early or way too late

Anyway, it could be me, so if any of you use OnSong and have used control changes to stop the VL3 and BB and you’ve had great success getting them to stop, etc. exactly or very close to where you want them to stop, please share your knowledge!

Getting back to my original request…if you know how to use the Switch 6 pedal to stop both the BB and VL3 simultaneously, then your help and knowledge would be most appreciated!!

Thanks folks,