Stops looping from saved loop

I have a loop I’ve made in 2x2 and I’ve been using it for a few days with no issues but this afternoon I fired it up and it’s stopped looping. It plays through normally but when it gets to the end, the red line is gone and it keeps playing but it is silent. It does show it progressing through the waveform though.


It seems the visual waveform is slowed down in spots… the audio remains accurate but when the audio reaches the end of the loop, visually it keeps going. There’s silence while the visual wave continues to the end of the loop and then when the loop starts over it does so as expected.

To put it another way… It’s a 24bar loop and it is visibly off from the graphic wave. The audio finishes before the graphic wave reaches the end (about 6 bars worth of silence). Only when the graphic loop completes does it start the loop over.

Just now as I’m typing this I’m watching it and it stayed synced this time around and performed normally.

Like you the loading of wav files is not stable. Sometimes I have the same mistakes on my aeros. For the moment l’m not satisfied with the use of saved files.

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