Storage and recall of preset beats/tempos

Will the Beat Buddy Mini or the Beat Buddy store custom made presets to be called up as needed? Does it take a computer interface to create the presets? Can they be given names, like the name of a song, or they just coded i.e. A1 A2 etc.

The Mini is an as-is, where-is device, no customization. Tons of fun, but not as flexible as the full-fat version, which will store custom made presets to be called up as needed.

The Beat Buddy needs the BB Manager to fully customize, as well as a MIDI editor if you want to get really into the weeds. Many people on this forum do exactly that, so there is lots of help available if you go that route. There is an intermediate step you could choose, as well: You could cherry pick tunes from the user library to build out your sets.

What else can we help you with?

Thank you. I am wanting to as simply as possible, go from one song to another quickly calling up the settings of a simple beat I have already saved. Sounds like mission impossible. I take it that I need a laptop, Beat Buddy fat, (no midi editor for me), BB Manager software, and foot switch. Do I find the beat settings I want via the BB, then get the BB manager to save them to the SD card under some code name or do I control the BB via the computer when using BB Manager? In order to get at my saved settings do I have to have the laptop connected with BB Manager? How to I recall beat settings while performing? I noticed there was no SAVE button on the BB…darn.

From the type and nature of your questions, you would benefit from downloading and reading the BeatBuddy Manager user manual and watch some of the tutorials. You can find them on the Singular Sound website.