Straight ahead swing

Where can I get a simple straight swing beat that I can edit for tempo? Fly me to the moon etc?
The jazz beats don’t have it.

I guess it depends on whether you want the original version, which was written in 3/4 time (the 1954 version) or the later one that Quincy Jones changed to a 4/4 time (Frank Sinatra and Count Basie) with a loose swing feel. I play it with the later using the Country 1 swing beat at about 110 bpm.

The stock Waltz in the World music is one of the few 3/4 time waltzes in the standard songs you get with BeatBuddy, I believe. It works OK for me with this song with the jazz or brush set and 110 bpm if I kill the opening, which I do on most of the songs. A lot of folks buy the waltz songs in the premium content. There is a megapack in the premium content called All in 3 that may have something you like in 3/4 time.

Hey, thank you. I’ll use them. I guess Fly me to the moon was a bad example,( we play it as a swing in 4/4). All of me, The lady is a tramp etc is more like it.
I guess I’m surprised you can’t get the older style music but can get unusual flamenco beats.
I found a good swing beat at Groove Monkey.
Thanks for your help though, I’m new to BB and loving it (it’ll take time for me to master it)