Strange Beatbuddy MIDI behavior with Line 6 Helix as master

So I hooked my Beatbuddy up to my Line 6 Helix (guitar effects) as I just wanted the Tap Tempo of the Helix to control the Tempo of the Beatbuddy. I only have the Midi In connected, and have disabled all the Midi functions except for the Tap Tempo. It works fine and controls the tempo, but sometimes when I press other switches on the Helix, the BeatBuddy will start playing from the Intro, event though I have Start/Stop Midi Disabled. Also will play on its own sometimes when everything is powered up (Helix and BB). It seems like the BeatBuddy is initializing, and that triggers a start. Any thoughts what could be causing this?

I have this same issue. I don’t even think I have midi in on, I just have it set to see midi clock from my helix.

What version of the BB firmware are you using?

I’m on the latest. I only got it a month ago.

Here’s something to try.

  • Download and unzip fresh copy BB firmware
  • Insert SD card in computer SD slot reader
  • Drag or copy and paste firmware files to SD card
  • Eject card and with power off on pedal,
  • Insert SD card into pedal and power up
  • When the update is done, restore the pedal MIDI settings
  • Connect MIDI Sync Adaptor and MIDI patch cables to Helix and test

If this doesn’t work and if you have another MIDI-enabled pedal, try to replicated the issues on that pedal.

If you’re still having problems, contact

Awesome thanks for the tips, I’ll try it this weekend!

Any news?

Actually yeah, reloading the software seemed to work! Sorry I forgot to update y’all.

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