Strange Loop Behavior

First, I hope these images can be seen, they just show as when I preview this post. If not, I’ll describe them in words later.

Both of the following bars were exported as separate MIDI files and used as one of several main drum loops in a song in BB Manager. I’ve done this with several other drum loops without problems so far.

The one labeled as bad behaves like this: When played by itself within a song it sounds fine, (It’s a bass drum and crash cymbal) but I notice the Stop button at the top never goes back to Play like the other loops in the song do. But when I play the whole song and get to this loop it sounds like some kind of, how shall I say, a loud alien ring modulator, and sustains this sound until I hit the Stop button. The virtual pedal won’t respond to advance to the next loop at this point.

The next bar is the same as the bad one, except the rests are replaced by a closed HH, and it works fine.

So why do the rests apparently cause this problem and when replaced by notes there’s no problem.

OK, no images. Each example is one bar long. The bad one starts with two quarter notes on the same stem, one being a bass drum (C2) and the other a crash symbol (C#3). That is followed by three quarter note rests.
The other one starts the same, but the quarter rests are replaced by a closed high hat (G#2).