Strange phasing on first beat after fill or transition !

In BBM the first beat is louder after a fill or transition but when playing it on the BB the first beat is phasing out but is NOT louder ?

Here is an audio file the phasing appears @ 4 sec

This is extremely annoying !

If I play the files in Cubase using BB as the sound module it sound perfectly ok !

I am having a similar/strange issue. when I import new songs and then hit play it will ask to save the unsaved work and then you hit yes and then it starts playing a very LOUD POP or weird tone/fart/hiccup kind of sound thats not right. It only seems to do this on the INITAL play after the initial import and then if you stop and play it again its OK but for some reason I think this is a bug in the BBM software that it should save the newly imported song and then have a pause or be able to handle it as it seems its not liking the newly imported song for some reason. Sure you and I are NOT the only ones having issues???

Im on Windows 10 Professional (64 bit) on my Dell XPS15 laptop Core i7 2.8 GHz with 1 TB SSD hard drive and 16 gigs of on board RAM so performance is not an issue for me.

I found out that if I varied the velocity on the first beat ( Where the phasing occured ) of the phased instrument ( In my case the sidestick ) between 57 to 62 the phasing was gone !

Before they were all at 60 ! ! ??

Definitely a bug !

We need a new version of the BBM ASAP !

I had the same “problem” with a cymbal and managed to fix it by going to the Drum Sets page and to Instrument details dialogue popup change the Fill Choke to 2 and Polyphony to 1.

After that the phasing disappeared !