Strange sounds after stopping

Hi, i have a problem with my new beat buddy pedal, at the end of the song after stop or pause it have a digital strange song… It happened specially with the new folders or midi song that i created or draw into the BB manger… What it can happened? I let you a recording of these sound. Please help, is a very disturbing sound.

Thanks for answering.


And also my Beat Buddy Pedal is a lot of noisy pedal withouth sounds… I have like 15 pedals conected and if i´m not conected the BB it´s not sound these zzzzzz tipical or very low, but with the BB these sound it sound 5 times moore… I´t just 1 month with the BB… I´m thinking to write to thomman and return my pedal… Argggg…

Link is dead? I have a error?

I dont now, is a share folder in dropbox and i can enter… how can i upload the mp3 file direct here?

Try here

OMG man not normal!!
Link is good now!

What is OGM?

Oh My God
I think tou restore the BeadBuddy as default in the settings
Push Drumkit & tempo Both to enter settings
maybe you can try !

Sorry? can you tell me how?

I did it… i restore as default the main pedal and midi settings but is still noisy…

Disconnect all the jacks outputs and inputs and midi
and place a headphone and take a look with the headphone output

Always noisy then you best call thomman to change it
But try with an headphone

Yes i try with the headphones withouth jacks and it sounds also… The strange thing is that is just happend with the MIDI files that i use from EZDrumeer or outside of the BB MIDI standar files…

oh man you mean no problem with the standard BB sounds?
then the problem comes from your files and no of the BB

You need to try this:

Open your midi files of Ez drummer into the Beat Builder you can download here

And save it again with the Beat Builder

If you can not open your midi files into beat Builder then the problem come from your files

Thanks!! I dont now nothing about the beat builder… I’ ll try later in home and o Tell you how it works… In theory these App is for to make a mid files aviable to the BB manager? Because the MIDI files from EZ drummer it sounds Perfect in the beat buddy manager… The noise problems comes only to the pedal…

Ah, not just me with this then. The noise you posted sounds similar to what I get at the end of a song but not nearly as loud though I’m guessing you’ve boosted the volume. What I’ve found is that it seems to be associated with the Standard drumset. So, for example, I will get it at the end of the Blues 1 song but if I change the drumset from Standard to Rock then the noise at the end seems to go

edit: Latin and Brushes also have it, Jazz, Metal and Rock don’t seem to (as much)

I realized that what makes these strange noise (little low) also with normal pedal drum kits and midi files. So if I hear the pedal with low-volume headphones I not hear the noise but the other options that noise is heard alwais … Well I think definitely something wrong with my pedal … NO?

For those having this issue please see the following thread and check that your headphone volume is lower than your master.

Psalm40 - well done, that does indeed fix it. The noise is still there but if you have the main volume up high (and why not) and the headphone volume down then it is basically inaudible. This also explains why the problem seems to have disappeared for a while

Thanks again, and for all your other posts.

Hi all,
to get rid of any noise you need to turn the beatbuddy’s volume knob to max and then adjust the volume on your mixer or PA. I adjust the gain on my mixer so it doesn’t reach the tilt and that way all works perfectly. I used to have a white background noise and some weird electronic buzz when the volume knob on the beatbuddy was at half the volume, but now it’s at full level the noise is gone. If you use the headphones then keep the main volume knob at 100% and do not go above 50% with the Headphone knob, that way you won’t here the noises either.
Hope this helped