Stray cats strut (OPB) re-upload - Stray cats

hi all,

this one sounds pretty well, in the zip you will find:

.sng, original midi and pdf

use the GM compatible Jazz Kit w/ Upright Bass

(with non GM kits the bass will not play).

enjoy! And let me know if you do :)

Download Here

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Hi I just found this (stray cats strut) and what I downloaded is just the sng file.

Is there a zip file with a pdf? thanks so much!!


Some users post songs with cheat sheets and MIDI source files while others do not.

In this thread, it appears Marcelo could have been responding to a request for a repost and may have only had the song but not the other files.

You should be able to find the chords and lyrics on sites such as Ultimate Guitar: Stray Cat Strut, 28 chords & tabs found @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com Search

oh okay, he mentioned that there were other files so I was wondering what was up with that.

so happy I finally figured out how to open beat buddy with big sur. I needed to find my mouse to control click!!!


Hi Tina,

here you have the zip :slight_smile:

stray cats strut (54.3 KB)


thank you so much! Sorry I’m such newbie, I have a hard time figuring stuff out…

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