Stuck at "Formatting Card"


I had to re-format the SD card and re-loaded all original content (files and firmware), seemed to work fine for a bit but now everytime I try and use the pedal it tells me that it’s updating the firmware, and asks me to take the SD card and re-boot, which I do but the same message appears after a while.
Even plugging into the computer does not seem to do anything
I’ve gone through the whole process again (formatting etc) but still same problem

frustrating…any ideas?


It’s a really really weird error you are seeing.

But I know a sure fix.

  1. Plug BeatBuddy to your computer (or insert an SD card).
  2. Make sure there are ONLY 4 folders and 1 file.

Here is the list:

  1. Erase everything else not on the list above. Somehow firmware files didn’t get deleted after BeatBuddy was updated. You’ll need to help them do it manually :slight_smile:

P.s.: To be honest, you can store anything you like on the SD card, so there could be any amount of folders/files there. But for troubleshooting, simply delete everything except content.


there definitely are some other files other than the ones you mention, but it’s weird why they would be there, I had re-formatted the card then I downloaded the card files (content and firmware) from the forum
anyways will try your suggestion