Studio Legend vs Vintage Ludwig

I’ve narrowed the add-on drum sets played with sticks to two, based only on the demo files — the Studio Legend and the Vintage Ludwig. I’ll want to buy just one to use for punchy acoustic-guitar based stuff (I limit my gigs to one brush set and one stick set). Do any of you have a favorite between the two? Thanks in advance!

vintage ludwing with the ton ton of Studio.legend

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I actually prefer the Studio Legend. The Vintage is nice too, but IMHO has more ambient noise. I own both and pick the Studio Legend more than the Vintage.

With that said, if it is in your budget spend the extra and get both, they add different flavor to whatever you are doing.

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Oh jeepers! One vote for each! I’m gonna wait for more opinions. Its a tough choice! Thanks, you guys, for your replies.

UPDATE: bought the Vintage Ludwig. You’re right, though, @guifreitas … the toms are a bit too boomy and flabby for my tastes, so I might have to switch 'em out.

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The vast majority of mine are studio legend.