Studio One 4 to Beat Buddy


I produce music with Studio One 4 and am a big fan of its drum Pattern editor. I made a full song combining the different patterns I created, then exported as .wav at first. That obviously didn’t work due to file size. So, I exported the different SO sections as .midi, then did further editing in the BB editor. Is there a more streamlined way of using the pattern editor in Studio One to create samples to import into the Beat Buddy Manager? Cheers!

If you build it initially using MIDI rather than .WAVs, and you pay attention to the drum mapping in the Beat Buddy, you should only have to do it once.

Cheers, Joel!

I think I found that 1)merging the desired MIDI section and saving it as .mid and 2) placing each section in the main loop are in the BB works. I had to use the BB editor to fill in the unspported spots that were lost in the transfer.

I use Reaper, and have been able to edit and simply save as .mid files. I think we may not be doing the exact same thing, though, as I’m using Reaper’s MIDI editing – no sound files. So I hope this helped, but I’m not optimistic…


Even though I’ve been a musician for over 30 years, I’m new to MIDI production. I think every current DAW has some sort of MIDI editor.

I think you’re probably right. I was just saying that, when I edit fro the Beat Buddy, I ONLY use the MIDI editor and never actual sound files – which, for some reason, I got the impression you were doing.

Anyway, sounds like you’ve got it sorted, despite my attempt to help.

All good, Joel. I appreciate your suggestions and input. Cheers!

Back atcha. Have a great weekend!

– Joe