Submitted Requested for Aussie Content

Hi all

FYI I’ve submitted a request for . . .

Australian Content:
Marseille [1978] Angels
Bow River [1982] Cold Chisel
Black Fingernails Red Wine [2006] Eskimo Joe
Chemical Heart [2002] Grinspoon
Throw Your Arms Around Me [1986] Hunters & Collectors
To Her Door [1987] Paul Kelly
All Torn Down [1998] The Living End
Passenger [1998] Powderfinger
AC/DC [1980] Let me Put My Love into You Babe

Also submitted:
Over and Out [2005] Foo Fighters
These Days [2011] Foo Fighters
Peacemaker [2009] Green Day
Just Breathe [2009] Pearl Jam
Karma Police [1997] Radiohead
Best Song in the World (Tribute) [2001] Tenacious D
Prayer in C [] Lily Wood
Rumble {1958] Link Wray

I’ve got a few Aussie tunes on the boil at the moment - BUT I do not use my BB in one press anything (not a comment on those who do, mind you) I use it as a drum pedal that I control so all will be standard BB songs. I have a couple of Kelly tunes as well as Chisel, Angels and some others. I know it doesn’t help you right now haha, but they are coming :slight_smile: