Sudden burst of WHITE NOISE!!

So I’m just having a blast jamming away in headphones when suddenly this deafening burst of white noise hits! What in the world? Ideas? I can’t imagine what that would have been like in the middle of worship at church!!!

Has anyone had this happen? I searched the forum for "noise’ but saw nothing…

Found this quite by accident - possible similarity?

Does it happen only through the headphones or does it happen thru speakers as well?
Does it happen on all songs, just one song?
If on one song, is the noise in the same spot?
Some things to check:

  • headphones plug fully inserted to jack
  • no nearby RFI (caused by fluorescent lights or cell phone)
  • power plug fully inserted to jack
  • firmware updated to ≥1.8.5
  • if firmware is ≥1.8.5, you may have to reformat your SD card and reload firmware; make sure you have synched your project thru BBM

Let us know if it continues.

Okay - happened again TWICE this morning and this time it was once through headphones and once through the main output. Going by your above checklist:
[]Headphones were completely in, and jack was later fully inserted on main output.
]RFI? Really? Our church meets in a warehouse near an airport - I’m getting the noise at my home currently with CFL lights nearby and my cell sitting by me, sure. But what kind of product can’t be around cell phones and be of use anywhere in the modern world - you are kidding right? o_O
[]Power plug is fully inserted, yes.
]I am on the latest firmware
[*]I will reformat and let you know the results. Yes, I’ve backed up/synced already (do that frequently anyway so we’re good there.)
Do you suspect it is an ongoing SD issue as I’ve seen one other on the forum here with that as a suspected cause? I’m curious bc I am the Pastor and worship leader. Using BB will be an answer to several issues we are currently working through including a particularly onerous fellow that has been our drummer for a while. If I go out and use BB and the white noise error happens, it will really complicate life for me! Can’t afford to risk using BB if this behavior can’t be fully reconciled.

On balance though - I LOVE THIS THING! It is a wonderful device and the sounds I’m getting are simply stellar. Programming couldn’t be easier too. I’ve got nine songs or so done in two days already. Ive worked with it after programming in BBM probably three hours total. Its a blissful experience, the groove is so big and the fills are so tasteful and punchy. Its just that deafening wakeup call of static that must be removed from the equation!!! Help me Obiwan Kenobi!!!

Oh yeah - one more item. My Preferences settings are staying saved. I adjust the accent volume down a bit and when I power the BB back up, I have to go in and reset it again. Just thought I’d mention it - it may be nothing and I’ll search the forum to see ion there’s pertinent info.

So I reformatted the SD card, opened BBM and choose EXPORT TO SD and everything went as normal including SYNCHRONIZE FOR FUTURE USE (or whatever that last message is) then I plugged the SD into the BB and got “NO SONGS” message.

I pulled the SD card and checked it out on the Mac and was able to launch the Project file directly off the card with all the songs working in BBM. Pop it back into the BB pedal and “NO SONGS”.


I just found that! Thanks! Trying it now.

No success. Followed it step by step and I’m still looking at “NO SONG” error message.

The SD card should be formatted as MS-DOS(FAT).

Well there we go - I’m on a Mac… Didn’t check for format. Rechecking…

I had my BB too close to my monitor the other day,
… it was the only time I heard any interference.
possibility ?

Nope - nearest screen other than my phone was three rooms away. Got it playing again after about an hour of tweaking. Will need some time playing with it to see if the white-wall-o’-death rears its ugly head again. It’s snowing here now so I probably will have a day or two in the house to give it a go.

Check your “In Connections” and “Out Connections”. Wiggle the plugs to see if the static pops up. Also, to eliminate the cords being loose, fasten the Beat Buddy down solid to a pedalboard or likewise to eliminate any movement. The jacks in the Beat Buddy aren’t the best design and can cause lots of static by not making a good connection. I had this problem until I tied the BB down solid. Every so often I give the plugs a jiggle to eliminate loose connections. This is a constant problem with the type of jacks. Until they come up with a new design jack like a “Switchcraft” oe better, this might be ongoing and a real pain. It wouldn’t hurt to spray a little “Contact Cleaner” on the plugs and then plug them back in before you start a set. Needless to say, always turn your “Amps” or “PA” off before you unplug any-
thing on the “Input” side.
Sincerely, Stan House, Fingerstylepicker.