Suddenly getting "Invalid project file location .... Missing required files and/or folders" when I open BBManager

I have been using BBManager for a couple of years without any problems. Today when I opened it I got a dialog box with the following error:

Invalid project file location: /Users/philipjohnson/Documents/BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/DefaultProject - Project/DefaultProject.bbp is not in a proper location.
Missing required files and/or folders

I am using the Mac version on OS 10.15.7.

Things I’ve done so far:
(1) Reinstalled BBManager app. Got same error.
(2) Tried opening my Beat Buddy SD Card with “Open Project”. Got “/Volumes/NO NAME is not a valid project file.”
(3) I found this prior post:

Following this post, I tried downloading the default BBWorkspace 2.1 backup folder, and still get the same error.

My SD Card works fine when in the Beat Buddy.

Any ideas about what I should try next?


Try this first and then we’ll go from there:

  • Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Tools - Set Workspace Location
  • Navigate to /Volumes/Mac HD/Other users/myusername/Documents/ and if you’re prompted to reset location, accept it.
  • Quit the BBM.
  • Launch the BBM—still the same?

Thanks for the quick response! I am unclear about your second instruction; I don’t have an “Other users” folder:

Nor does my Documents folder have a “” subfolder. Did you want me to somehow create that directory structure manually?

Here’s a look at my own user_lib/projects folder:

The error message seems to indicate that it wants to find a file named DefaultProject.bbp in user_lib/projects, but there isn’t one.

Next step? Thanks so much for your help.

Sorry for the confusion. The path was simply an example and I should have worded it better. Our paths will be different…nah, you don’t need to create a new or different path.

Use Spotlight to see if you can locate where your project DefaultProject.bbp is located. Please reply with the path to wherever it’s located.

After re-reading your first post where you mention that your pedal plays just fine, there’s probably no reason why the BBM can’t open the project on your card. NO NAME is the name of your SD card. Could you pls provide a screen shot of the contents of your card?

(1) Using Spotlight indicates that there is no DefaultProject.bbp on my hard drive.

(2) Here is the contents of my SD Card:

And if I try to open the SD Card as a project:

I get this:

However, if I select Open Project and select the DefaultProject.bbp file on my SD Card, then things start to work!

I have just made a new backup copy of the DefaultProject.bbp file, closed and reopened BBManager, and everything is now working great!

Thanks so much for your help! I think I’m good to go for now.

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