Sugaree (OPBkk(piano and organ) and jam version, in E) 2018-02-15 - The Grateful Dead

OK, before anyone freaks out about the key, the song is written as 4 sharps in the key signature. That is E. However, it begins and ends on B, and B “feels like home.” Therefore, it is actually B Mixolydian. But, try telling that to OnSong or Band-in-a-Box, where your only choices are minor or major.

About the song - well, its already 7 minutes long, just going through the verses, but that never stopped the Dead from having an endless jam. So, I put together two versions. In the OPBkk, there is an opening 8 bar jam with alternating measures of B and E. This jam also shows up at the end of each chorus, except for the last chorus. The Hunter songbook has the jam written as just 4 bars, but even on the version he recommends to match the book, the live track from Steal Your Face, the jam is longer than 4 bars. I made it 8 bars to give enough room to develop something, but not make it overly long.

In the Jam version, this jam again is 8 bars at the beginning, and 8 bars after verses 1 and 2. After verse 3, the 8 bars loop, and you can jam as long as you like, and then double tap to get to the outro, which will play verse 4 and go into the final chorus and ending.

Package includes both .sng files, and the midi parts contained in both versions. There are also pdf chords and lyrics sheets for the both the jam and OPBkk versions.

Use the Santana Piano and Organ kit.

Download Here