Suggesting Adding a One-Bar Count-In Option

The third customer relations option is the one that works; keep us informed as to what you’re doing and when you expect it to be ready, plus explaining any caveats over possible delays. This then allows you to ask customers what they think the priorities should be - because, if kept informed, we would be very understanding.

The alternative you’ve described could be interpreted as being “tell them we’re doing it and to stop bugging us about it.” I wouldn’t think that BB really wants to go that route. We’re early adopters, and are on BB’s side and want their product to succeed. If we did what your “policy” seems to ask of us, then we’d in fact be losing interest in the product - which we’re not, and is in any case the last thing BB would want - I’d imagine.

So how about BB telling us what’s being done, their planned time frames, and anything that might delay that…? A further bulletin before the predicted dates could amend our expectations - and if they explain the problems leading to any delays, I cannot imagine anybody being anything other than wholly supportive. I for one would troll anyone who complained about delays that had been properly explained along these lines :evil: .

A big plus for a 1 2 count in,

Eg want to do “Dead or Alive” Bon Jovi without any drums for first verse and chorus and after the intro riff is played again the drums would come in on the next verse but would like s simple 2 beats of the drum and then the pattern starts to coincide with the start of the verse.

This would help the timing of the guitar coming in bang on the drum beat so much easier with a 1 2 count in instead of trying to time the first strum with your foot, I am very close with the foot but in a live situation it would be much easier to hear the 1 2 beat to aid timing.

Hope this makes sense ?


Hi. I am very (very) new to all this, and am just venturing into the world of this whole setting up songs thing and so on. I am also working with a friend/work colleague on a number of songs (covers mostly) that we might eventually perform or use as part of a music night. The count in has become abundantly clear to be the most basic essential to what we are trying to do, and from what I have read above, what most of us want to do and I guess what most of us might have expected to already be there. I like the ideas and suggestions that have been generated here and I can only hope that they will see the light of day before too much longer. Along with the Mac software, which I also badly need to (hopefully) make life a little easier for us Mac users!
Keep up the good work interfacing for us though Daefecator, it’s appreciated :0)

yeah, this is a really great suggestion and i would love this feature:)
i imagine this with intros of 4 hits (only drumsticks, bass drum, tambourine, hi-hats, handclaps or cowbell)…
personally i would like to have the option to place this anywhere in a song (intro remains top priority though), as in my own songs (for example), i usually have a “break” section in the songs structure and sometimes i end songs with a soft verse (or chorus), without “full on” drums.
i also have several songs where the drums start after the first chorus, so in those cases it would be really nice to have just a simple tambourine, bass drum, handclap or hi-hat (for example), until the “real” drums comes in…:slight_smile:

Someone sometime ago posted a 4 beat stick click “fill,” which I have programmed into many a song as the “INTRO.” I haven’t downloaded the new firmware yet so I haven’t explored the intro fill option that it presents.

But my question is as follows… for songs that start on beat 3, has anyone created an EIGHT count stick click, so you can get a taste of the tempo and not accidentally miss the cue. For example, on the Beatles tune “I’ll Be Back” or The Eagles’ “How Long.”

this is my favourite count in
click x click x , click click click x
I dont have a file for it yet

Easiest options I’ve found so far are either the new count-in intro feature introduced in the new FW or the Beat Elements pack in the BeatBuddy Library store, or a combo of both. It would be nice if a FW update would allow an option for the count-in feature to initiate before the intro rather than simply replacing it.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but as someone pretty new to the BB I am starting now to explore more and discover what features I’d like to see added. This is one of them.

I read that in FW 1.41 a count-in was added but if I read correctly it’s a replacement of the intro as opposed to an addition to it. Also, it’s a global setting and a count in doesn’t always work or “fit” depending on the song. I also don’t want to play a count in instead of the intro for every song. What would be really nice is another song segment added ahead of the intro to allow for whatever kind of count-in was desired, if any or something a little more flexible. :slight_smile:

+1 I would also like a count in and the intro part separate, as you would sometimes want to use both…please excuse me if this has already been implemented or been discussed and ruled out.

You could simply add the count-in to the existing intro file. I built and posted a bunch of count-in midi files to the Resources section. It’s remarkably easy to generate and edit these with minimal knowledge of midi.

Yep, absolutely right Rob and I’m aware of that as others probably are but it’s is a workaround really and a tedious one at that. Being able to manage the count-in as separate song segments or even a setting or flag of some sort per song (on/off by song with a few options such as stick, hat, etc). would be much more user friendly. Having to edit every intro file in one’s catalog of songs to append a count-in to the front of it is just a lot of work.

Yeah, I can see this would work well Rob, but like JN99, i was looking for a more intuitive "song part or menu item choice ", and a more hardware integrated execution, i.e. part of the basic pedal function, no software required, hope this makes sense.

Yes, agree, but my suggestion can be done today - with some extra work - rather than having nothing while you wait for the next firmware update. If you have some specific songs where you want this feature, it wouldn’t be difficult to mod those intros until such time as the function could be implemented as a menu selection.

The nice thing about doing it yourself is that you can pick the kind of intro you want. Note that I built intros using cross sticks, high hat open, and high hat closed to suit specific user tastes. I also built a 1-2-1234 intro that’s decent.

Well put across mate…this is a solution i can use today…