Suggesting Adding a One-Bar Count-In Option

Using BB instead of a drummer at small venues (as it really sounds excellent), it would save a lot of hassle if we had the option of adding a one-bar metronome or drum stick type click count-in before the Intro, or if you don’t use an Intro, before the main beat.

This would be different to adding a count-in as a midi file instead of an Intro, as some of us will also want to use an Intro.

Is this possible please? Many thanks.


I get what you are talking about, yet what you want is not currently supported natively. This may get added in the future, as I realize this could be really useful. My Guitar Pro has this feature, so probably BeatBuddy should have it as well!

Yet, as of currently, you can only make static permanent fix to replace a song intro with the count-in beats added. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to split your count-in from other part of an intro dynamically :confused:

Thanks - that’s what I thought.

This is a very significant draw-back as trying to count in like a drummer as you tap the tempo is not accurate enough.

Also, a one-bar Intro is not what a drummer would normally do. They might count you in for three beats then do a flourish on the last beat to bring in the main beat. More usually they count you in for a full bar.

Creating my own work-round for this is going to be a pain, as like many musicians I use a Mac… So assuming that BB staff monitor these discussions - as I’m sure they do :wink: could the One-Bar straight Count-In option please be added with some urgency?

Many thanks. Hugo

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You can take the existing intro and use MIDI editor to insert the click count in. Here’s the POP 1 intro with click count. Only takes a couple of minutes.


That’s what’s required as a global option rather than an edit, so you can get straight into working out how to set up new tracks without first having to edit a click track into to every patch.

I agree. This would be a very useful feature put into the BB as a global configuration option. I don’t find most of the intro fills very intuitive. If I turn them off I don’t have a chance to get the speed in my head before it starts. The appropriate drumstick count in would allow that synchronization with the speed and rhythm before the song starts.

Yes - exactly. The Intro fills are quite complicated, probably not very usable live, and certainly not much good for bringing a song in. Trying to tap in a tempo then count everyone else in ends up with BB coming in slightly fast - in my experience (so far).

A count of three then a one beat roll on 4 would be more like it.

I’d settle for one bar of stick beats.

Agreed - a global option to choose between an intro, stick count, or no intro would be the best solution. Drum intros are great, when needed, but more songs start with a count than with the drums plating an intro, so manually editing a large volume of songs to provide the count is the only option right now. Suggestion for the next update?

Completely qgreed.

Can we submit this suggestion for the next firmware upgrade please?

I think the best solution would be to have a toggle-able Count-In option on a per-song basis (set via BBManager) for, well, adding a one extra bar of a metronome count-in. Count-In would take precedence before Intro kicks in. BBManager will allow you to add (or remove) a song Intro, and set Count-In for a song independently.

In order to be able to manipulate this behavior while playing on stage, the pedal should provide two separate settings:

Play Intro: (will help to hack out the intro from songs)

  • Use Song Info (will play intro for songs that have one)
  • Force No Intro

Count-In: (will help override BBManager setting while playing via the pedal)

  • Use Song Info (play count-in only for songs that have Count-In enabled via BBManager)
  • Always Play (will play count-in for all songs no matter if they have Count-In enabled)
  • Never Play (will play count-in for no songs at all no matter if they have Count-In enabled)

I’d also make these two settings session-based, so that they default to Use Song Info every time you power cycle the pedal.

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THat would give us pretty well what’s needed - thanks!!

A two-bar count-in option would be good too. Most DAWs allow you to specify the number of bars before recording starts. Often bands have one bar to get everyone’s attention, then a second counting in the beats - the good old “Ah One, Ah Two, Ah One Two Three Four”.

On reflection Daefacator, I think there should be a ‘permanent’ count-in option - ie that remains after you power down.

Think live performance, which is why you’d have a drum foot pedal in the first place. The power goes down for example leaving you having to sort out lots of things and you forget to reset the BB…

Yeah, totally sure! That’s why I suggested you can set it up statically on a song-per-song basis! It’s only the dynamical (overriding) behavior that I wish to be flush-able.

When I wrote my suggestion, I already thought about possible power surges during live performance, and how that could screw you up. I feel this should be implemented somehow similar to the requested Global Tempo Lock feature.

I am thinking now about how the pedal UI could be enhanced to get easy access to functions like this.

A lot of us - well me definitely!! - would have my BB set as Default to play a one bar drum stick count-in for every song, for live gigs. I’d want to have Intros in addition to that. For those who’d only want some songs counted in, perhaps the count-in could also be added for each song as well.

A count-in is so vital for a drum machine that covering all the options is a basic requirement for it.

I do hope this can be implemented very soon.

I’d like to have the Intro firmware copied including the new firmware switch to globally turn it off and paste it in front of the existing Intro (two intros), relabel it Count In and ship it with a MIDI count in in there. More freedom and flexibility.

What is currently being suggested is having two separate “intro” parts - a count-in and an actual intro, both of which could be set for each song independently, but their behavior could be then overridden via pedal setting.

Has the count in feature been added as of yet? As a performing musician,I thank this would be vital to beggining a song properly. The addition of count in and optional intro would be even better! Where does the mfr. stand on this? :?:

In an ideal world, suggestions are implemented almost at the time they are suggested. Problem is we don’t live in an ideal world. The count-in feature is planned and will be worked on (according to the internal team priorities) some time after Mac software version is ready.

Thanks - that’s the BB team process! But what we ungrateful wretches would like to know is “When”!

Can you give us an idea of when will the Mac software be ready? I’m deferring reorganising my solo set until that happens. The various work-rounds aren’t worth the hassle.

And “When” will the BB programming team switch its focus to the adding of a default count-in to the set up parameters?

Setting strict timeframes only harms the product. It can lead to “broken promises”, and that’s not good for anyone.
Naming very broad timeframes is not going to help either. I only know that the work is still being done.