Suggestion for a remote display for the BB

Hi folks,
Several have suggested that a remote display would be handy for the BeatBuddy. this could be accomplished if the Beatbuddy could receive program changes and other midi data.
If it did, then a simple IOS or Android app could be written to send this data to the BB and control it remotely. And, since the app could display what info it’s sending,and receiving, then a reasonibly accurate idea of what’s happening on the BB could be displayed on the iPad.

there are several apps which can send midi data out to a hardware device, and one can even create an on-screen midi control surface to interact with outboard hardware.

I am not yet sure how well this would work for those of us who cannot see, but since IOS and Android have many features for blind folks, this may just be useful for many purposes.

This is currently being developed although I am not sure if it is in the current beta of the firmware.

After seeing the post that
[SIZE=4]Hugs_14000 posted called [/SIZE][SIZE=4]Arduino remote for BeatBuddy with midi in messages [/SIZE] I was wondering if this idea was being worked on or if anyone has any improvements along these lines. I find looking down at the beat buddy to make sure im in time with its visual metronome on the pedals display or to varify what part or fill is currently playing, very disorienting when performing.
If there was a remote display that can be plugged in and put next to a setlist that would be a dream come true for me.

I second that

I saw something a while back but I can’t remember where… It was a “watch” type device that sync’d with your drum machine or backing track that vibrated in time. Great concept, you don’t have to look at anything! Anyone know what that is?

it’s called Soundbrenner Pulse $99 from Musicians Friend.

Thanks! Do you know if it will work with the BB?

no. sorry.

I’ll do some research…

Wow have to check that out