Superbassg songs won't import

Any song I download from the forum that uses the SuperbassG drumset will not import into the BB Manager. I get an error message that says something like, “Error while parsing song content…Internal parsing errors…File contains more data than expected. Skipping file…” When I click “OK” the song import function quits without importing the song. Does anyone know why I am getting this error? Thanks.

A little more info…I’m using BB Manager; I have the SuperBassG drumset loaded into the BB Manager; and downloaded songs that use drumsets other than the SuperBassG import just fine.

Most likely they were created with an older or newer BeatBuddy manager.

Thank you.

try version 1.6 that should work.

I created the SuperBassG, and I’m using a newer beta version of BB Manager. You can get it by requesting it from support. The main issue is that the standard version of the software has a 500 note limit per part, which has been lifted in the newer beta version.

Good luck and have fun!