SuperBassLowD kit (free)

So, below is a DropBox link to download an amended version of the SuperBassG kit that has the Low and High Congas at midi 62 and 63 replaced with a low bass guitar D and Eb, respectively. I’ve been running across songs here and there that have a low Eb in the bass guitar part and I even ran across a low D in one song. Some of these songs you just transpose the bass line up a half step and use the regular SuperBassG kit and everything’s cool, but some aren’t very vocally friendly for many of us when transposed up even just that half step, thus, the SuperBassLowD kit to keep them singable.

Here’s the link to download SuperBassLowD:

Thanks for this … I Could have made use of this … last tune I did in D …
It dl’s as SuperbassG … I changed mine to SuperD
I haven’t even attempted making a drumset .
… now a Latin Superbass w 3 octaves, chords & strums … cha ching ! :wink:

Yes thanks I have several songs I will transpose back down.

while you are poking around in the superbass kit, you should fix up those conga/bongo samples to make them sound better… i just grabbed them from teh latin kit, but i grabbed the highest velocity ones… that’s why they sound so bad… probably should get a couple velocities of each. i moved some of the other instruments down in the “teens” area.

It would be nice to have more bongo/conga velocities for SuperBass, but I have yet to be able to find the Latin kit folder in my file browser to grab the .wav files, lol. The BBWorkspace directory tree is bewildering to me … a crazy maze with lots of empty rabbit trails and not much to be found anywhere. Anyway, they actually don’t sound bad to me, anyway, cuz I like 'em loud to begin with (guess it comes from being a former hand drummer myself, lol).

I think if you double click the Latin kit, as if you want to edit it, it will copy it into you workspace where you can see the samples. Otherwise it keeps it all bundled up in the DRM file