Survivor - Eye of The Tiger with Bass 2018.03.09 - Survivor - Eye of The Tiger with Bass

Survivor - Eye of The Tiger with Bass

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Hello Guitar_Stu,

can you give me a link to your midi files. If i export the files in BB the note events are all very
long. I changed the tuning of the bass . But after the import in BB it sounds very bad.

regards Matthias

It sounds like you have not downloaded, imported and activated Guitar_Stu’s Rock with Bass kit in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). Once you do so, the song will play the bass notes as Guitar_Stu intended. Here’s a link to that kit:

Sometimes you just have to be pretty specific in your searches on this forum or on the old forum. For instance, if you want to find Rock with Bass on this forum, you could search for rock_with_bass.drm and it would bring up a compilation of links that Phil_Flood shared. If you wanted to find it from the old forum, you could use this search query[title_only]=1&c[rescat]=5 and you should find it at the bottom of the page.

Thank’s for the quick responce. I had the right sng file from Guitar_Stu. But because the lead voice is pretty hight, i suggest to tune down from Cm to Am. If i export for instance the INTRO to a MIDI file. Then all the note events are very long. For instance the event of the first Bass tone i 8 bars !

I work on my Mac with Cubase Elements. The Problem is, that the import in Cubase melt together some of these substaint notes. After a long periode of try an error, i have to change the settings for the MIDI import defaults. The Checkbox “Format 0 automatic dissolve” have to be unchecked.

After that i get all note events to Cubase. Then i was able to reduce the length of the note events and change the tuning and everything worked fine in BB.

regards matthias

Thanks for clarifying. The official release of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Export to MIDI does not work correctly and now I understand why you were asking the original poster for the MIDI files. Unless he kept the MIDI files that he used to make the song, he probably would have had the same problem if trying to export to MIDI from the BBM.

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