SWAY (Michael Bublé et al, instrumental) yes I know it's cheesy, but.... (OPB)

Get your maracas out!!!

OK, I know, cheesy as hell … but, this was the result of an expt where I used an Ultimate Guitar “pro” score, moved it into TABLEDIT, did all of my notation editing there, exported it as a multi-track midi into Logic Pro X and then removed tracks, transposed etc etc to make the BB happy. So excuse the cheesiness, but ultimately I anted to do an instrumental. It is sort of fun to solo to.

Uses NP Electric Jazz Trio XP (thanks Phil Flood).

SWAY.zip (451.6 KB)

Here’s the instrumental backing track. (Im still working on the brass section … wish the BB was better at sound sets … do you hear that SS?)

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