Sweet caroline

Anyone have a manual setting for sweet Caroline ( drum kit etc.) I don’t midi or can download files

What do you mean by “manual setting”?

If by manual setting you mean a multi-part song, I can’t help. If you are able to download files from the forum, here’s a link to a drums one-press version Sweet Caroline DOP, OPB, OPBk and OPB horns & strings 2018-06-14 - Neil Diamond

Hi thanks for the info…I’m not very computer literate (I’m old) I use the beatbuddy in a one man band, I always used my SR 18 I’m just looking for what genre ( country ? Blues etc.) to use and tempo on the beat buddy. I love the realistic sound of the BB. Sweet Caroline is the only song I’m having trouble with, I don’t need the fills or changes.just the basic beat.

I have a multi-part version I built from scratch. I could kick off the year with a little generosity…


Sweet Caroline.sng (2.4 KB)

Thank you I’ll see what I can do with it…thanks again!

You can also see if my version helps you out.

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond.sng (3.5 KB)