Sweet Home Alabama live at Inis Fest

Well, my band, “The Bandeleros” performed at Inis Fest yesterday. It was a 3 day summer music festival in Ennis, Co. Clare in the West of Ireland. We originally thought we had a 40 minute slot but as the time drew nearer, that slot became an hour and then when it came down to show time we ended up doing nearly 90 minutes. It was a great experience. Great atmosphere and above all great fun. The Beatbuddy pedal did it’s job perfectly and with sound engineers working away for us, they kept it and us pounding out the tunes. I haven’t managed to get my hands on much video but someone gave me this file of us playing “Sweet Home Alabama”. Hope you like it!!!


Thanks David. It was great to play the festival and the Beat Buddy sounded fantastic through their rig. No sound distortion at high volumes, and man was it loud!!! We had asked the engineer to push loads of drum through the monitors, because thats how we use it. But he really took us at our word and nearly blasted us off the stage with the volume of it. It kept us tacked onto the beat though. Really great fun!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Beat Buddy is a truly awesome product. So much so, that I’ve bought a second one through Thomman in Germany to build in a layer of redundancy to our band. If one goes down, we will have the second one ready to go. How cool is that. 2 Beat Buddies!!!

Cool performance Vibe, I like the guitar playing too. One question there seems to be accent crashes coming in at times without any of you pushing any pedals, how are you managing this?
I’m not far from Ennis by the way, Limerick.:wink:

Hi Ferg. It’s just the track we’re using. I downloaded the Sweet Home track from here. To give credit for the track, it was uploaded by Jlaustill back in Jan. You’ll find it in Rock Beats. I didn’t amend it or fix it up or anything. It just has all the accent crashes built in. It was written really well. It works really well for us.


Oh yes I’m forgetting about the direct downloads, haven’t downloaded any yet but must give them a try. If the track your using is anything to go by they could be very useful for covers, sounds really good.