Swingtown DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)

Note: Steve Miller performed in Fmaj so that’s how I put this together.

Almost all of the lyrics with chords have it in Emaj. The guitar chords in here pretty much follow the keyboard chords. The instructions at the top of the lyrics page will get you in the ballpark :rolleyes:


  • Stu’s latest Rock with Bass drum set
  • BeatBuddy Manager >1.6b
  • Firmware v1.8.5 (recommended)

  • Swingtown.sng (OPB = one press bass)
  • Chords and Lyrics
  • Midi source file
  • Midi file with separate bass and drums tracks (you can modify to taste)

Steve Miller Band


Suggested kit(s):

  • v1 Rock
  • v2 NP StdPBass 63-91
  • v4 Santana Piano and Organ

Includes: 3 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Swingtown (Steve Miller Band).zip (77.7 KB)

Disclaimer: Music is art, it’s interpretive. So right or wrong , good or bad does not exist.