Switch song parts after Main loop ends?

I’m not sure if i’m explaining this correctly.

I have 3 parts


They are all different lengths, I want to press the main pedal (or use my MIDI controller) to switch to the next song part, however i want to be able to press the “next” button at any point while the verse is playing and then it wouldn’t start playing the CHORUS until the verse loop has finished playing.

Is this possible? it’s a no brainer feature that i thought was there when i bought it but i can’t seem to get it done.

Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not possible yet, because the transition happens at the end of the current bar, but I THINK @AnthonySostre may have talked about something similar – Autopilot, I think he called it? I’m not sure it’s out yet, and I’m not even sure it’s exactly what you’re asking about, but it feels a bit similar, and you may be able to bend it to your will.

Anthony? Can you comment?

Meanwhile, why wouldn’t you either:

  • press the pedal in the final bar of the part you want to transition from, or
  • use One-Press (OPB) versions of the song?

I don’t understand why you want to telegraph the change by more than a bar. Maybe if you could explain that to me, I might be more helpful.

Let’s say you had a real fast song in 2/4. If I could trigger at end of part instead of end of measure, that would be real nice.

Using OPB or an autopilot feature puts me in a “staged” or “pre-programmed” state where i have to follow the machine where i want the machine to follow me.

The current behaviour to go to the next part is fine, however it makes you have to pay attention to the BB, you have to make sure that you are on the last meassure before you trigger your next part which takes your attention away from whatever else you are doing.

The reason this feature would be great is that in live gigs you don’t always follow the song arrangements, sometimes you want to add a lead, or double a chorus, or the singer may want to extend a section to talk to the crowd etc, so an OPB or auto-pilot doesn’t allow you for that “on the spot” change of arrangement and being able to QUEUE the next part at any point of the current part makes it so you can keep focus on playing rather than timing when to release the pedal.

For what i see this is not a feature so i’ll email SS so maybe they can add it to their future features list.

PS. i’m using the BB as a replacement for an RC-300 that i used to play independent song sections and go back and forth between them, the RC-300 has the option to play each loop in series or one-at-a-time but it has a feature to start playing the next track at the end of the current loop so you can QUEUE your next part even right after the current part just started, it won’t start the next part until the current loop ends.

So if you trigger the change at random rather than when you want the transition, how would the BB know to hold off the transition for (let’s say) seven more measures instead of transitioning at the end of the current one? How would the logic work?

I think I’m still missing something here…

Cue fill settings. In addition to immediate, next beat, and next measure, Singular adds one called “at end of current part.”

Yeah basically i dont care about transitions i just want to go to the next part at the end of the current one, at that point BB could do whatever it normally does, maybe play out the full length of the transition

My need for this is not about transitions i really dont care about them its just about switching between song parts

So just an update in case any newbies want to do something like this. I was able to basically QUEUE the next part by setting the time signature of each midi loop on Logic X so that each part fills 1 meassure.

I’ll write a post for explaining this shortly.