switch song via midi

to swich to the first song in the first folder of my beatbuddy i take the midi command C0 00 00.
C0 stands for channel 1 next 00 for the first folder, last 00 for the first song. This only works great when midi input channel is set to 1 because my program (setlistmaker on ipad) sends on this channel.
From my computer i wired to a midimmerger input also from my ipad. The otput of this midimerger goes directly to my beatbuddy and the last device in the line is my voicelive play gtx. When i want to play from my midi editor on the computer to the beatbuddy i have to switch the midi input channel on beatbuddy to omni to make him work. after switching to omni i beatbuddy cannot switch songs anymore.

Can anybody help me?