Switch To Band In A Box

I’m about out of patience with the Beatbuddy and proposed software updates. I’m looking to replace it.

I guess like most here, I don’t play out much anymore, but I still want to practice like I had a band.

I’m a keyboard player, and could really use something with solid drums and bass for the cover tunes I do. Mostly rock, classic rock stuff.

Been looking at BIAB, but other than FB groups and YouTube I can’t really tell if it’s for me.

Anyone use it, and use it for cover tunes of any genre?

Would love some insight…

I like BIAB it is easy to use. They have RealTracks and RealDrums also you can send it to you DAW system.

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Perhaps you ask this question on a “Band In A Box forum” like the BB you no longer want to use has.

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Thanks. I did that too! The reason I asked it here is because this forum has the most amazing people willing to help and give advice, and I trust a bunch of the people on here to give solid info based on experience.

This forum is actually the reason I’ve held on so long to the BB hoping it would continue to be developed and evolve.

Unfortunately, many of us have grown tired of waiting for the evolution.


You can make a backing track in BIAB and use it in the BB. The ReaTracks are excellent. Search for my tutorial on using backing tracks.

Band in a Box, is great for having an a band accompanist. I’ve used for over 10 years. You can even have it trade solo’s with you. One of the downsides of the BIAB app is the Window and Mac versions! The Window version is slightly ahead of the Mac version. One of the many pros is the Real Track styles. The more features you have the more expensive it is. You can try a trial version to see if you’ll like it.
I hope this helps. There’s also a BIAB forum that you might want to join!!

My opinion on this is…using BIAB is not the same as using an arranger keyboard or beat buddy. I like the flexibility to control song length and add variations/fills to the song in real time.
I use beat buddy manager and create many of my own beats…it is a sign of satisfaction to create and play your own…



I’ve used BIAB for many years and I really love it. I mainly use it for Jazz and folk music. I think for more mainstream music (Jazz and Rock) it’s great. On the other hand, for folk music I have a bit more trouble finding a style that I like, as most of them are too “busy”. They seem to be missing some basic accompaniments. For example, i’d like a simple Down Up Down strum for jigs & reels, but the realtracks are very busy with complex rhythms that trip me up. That’s the first reason I wanted to try the Beat Buddy.

The second reason is that I like to do some improvisations with a drone, and controlling fills and changing the pattern from A to B variations whenever i want is nice.

The downside to BIAB, other than busy styles, is that everything has to be planned out in advance. The bars for the verse, chorus, how many repeats, etc. And the format is not very flexible. This is why it’s great for jazz, but less good for pop. If you want to stop the drums, have a quiet bridge, for example… it can’t. YOu can export the audio into a DAW and do as you wish, if you’re up for that.

So for me and my use, they’re very different. I haven’t yet tried using BIAB with beat buddy, I think that would work with the midi sync.

Overall if you need bass then BIAB would be good if you can except the limitations I mentioned above. I think beat buddy is better if you either have people doing accompaniments (guitar, bass, etc.) OR if you don’t need it (you’re playing guitar and don’t need bass or playing with a drone).

BIAB has a huge sale every year in December. That’s when I do my upgrades, and not every year.

Look at the Alesis 18. It comes with bass. Nice toy.

BIAB can do quiet. example if you type C(chord).d, only the drums will play, if you type C. all will be quiet.
And so on .b will play bass only, .bg will play bass and guitar and so on

Does BIAB have a pedal?

No BIB does not have a pedal, because it is software, if you would compare it to the BB, you could say it does a one press song. Start is by keyboard or mouse and it plays the complete song on a computer.

The original Digitech Trio used Band in a Box, but I wouldn’t call it a BIAB pedal.