Switching Songs

im switching my songs via midi with the app setlistmaker. Everything works perfect.
At this weekend i crashed my ipad and i had to make a gig!
It was very hard for me to search every song on beatbuddy.

Now im looking for a solution to work compltly without ipad. In this case i have to switch the songs manually.
I organized all my active songs in different folders.

  • which possibilitys do i have to switch songs without bending down?
  • maybe with a midi switch?


dos nobody have any suggestion for me?

You can use the regular double foot-switch and assign Up and Down to each one of them. This way you could switch back and forth on all the folders. I use a Boss FS-7.

Thank you but this i know.
So when i want to select song 75 i have to hit my footswitch 75 times!
This is not pracrical for a gig!

Im looking for a solution like a midi footswitch with 3 pedals.
The first pedal select the Folder, the second the left digit 1x and the third the right digit x1.

If you have all your songs in a single folder, then that would be a yes, but if you have separate folders it can be easier. Right now I am transitioning from choosing manually all the time to using the automatic selection from Onsong, so I am used to press it many times.

The MIDI thing might work but I don’t know how it should be set up.

Until now the switching was done by setlistmaker via ipad automaticly .
But in case of a broken ipad its not possible to play a gig because i have to switch every song on beatbuddy inbetween the songs. Thats a lot of stress!

Yes, it is a lot of stress, but I’ve somehow managed to live like that for a year lol.

I realize it is more of an expense, but I bring (2) Ipads with me to every job, for just an event. Both Ipads are setup with the same songs and Midi Commands, for just an occasion you had. So far so good, but should I have to need it im set.

the same idea as mine today. I think the best way to prevent the case of a crash is to have 2 ipads with same configuration.
My idea is to make a backup of my ipad and restore the backup to my other ipad.
Did you do this and does it work without any problems?


Well, I set up another Ipad, i use OnSong so with that program I back up my songs to Drop Box through OnSong, but you have to do it in a zip file so all the songs and the midi commands can be downloaded into the 2nd Ipad. So you have an exact copy on the 2nd ipad. Works great

I should try it wit my setlistmaker.
Thank you

No doubt, give it a shot, I always bring a backup